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Additional Services We Provide

Complete Remodeling Services

Oakwood Builders of Collier County, Inc also offers complete remodeling and
building services.  Remodels, additions, commercial tennant improvements, or medical offices, we have previous experience with all kinds of renovations and can build to your unique specifications or style.  We use only the finest licensed tradesmen available and are sure you will be delighted with the results as our past clients have been!  Ask us today on how we can convert your existing space to something that works better, flows more freely and transforms the house you bought to your own custom home.  We can design-build for you, or work off drawings you currently have.

Mold Assessment and Mold Remediation Services 

Something as common as a recent plumbing leak, a window seal failure or a roof leak that you were unaware of can sometimes result in a Mold issue in your home.  If you have found mold in your home, suspect it, or just want to be worry free, we can conduct the latest testing techniques to put your mind at ease.  Oakwood Builders of Collier County, Inc is a Florida State Certified Mold Assessment and Remediation Company.  If a problem exists, we can remediate the problem and get everything, including your life, back in order fast.  If there's no mold we will be happy to report that to you.  If there is an issue, we can remedy the situation quickly and effectivley and get you back to enjoying our beautiful Southwest Florida!  Please be aware of the fact that unless a remediation company is a licensed building contractor, by Florida law, they are not qualified to aquire permitting to perform the re-construction after a mold remediation.  Acquiring a permit means professional city or county inspectors will check their re-construction work for quality, conformance to local building codes, and saftey issues THAT PROTECT YOU!  For your overall well being, only hire State Licensed Builders and insist that permits be gotten for all applicable work!  
Oakwood Builders of Collier County, Inc.  is a State Certified General Contracting Company, and as a result are qualified, and have the experience to re-build any type of construction, in any type of building, in any part of the State of Florida.